This Video footage of Bigfoot was taken in June, 2001 By Jim Mills the leader of the youth group “Campus Life” on the annual Marble Mountains backpacking trip. This is the longest know video of bigfoot ever recorded. In no way was this faked or some kind of hoax

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56 Responses

  1. Tia Zuehlke says:

    I played this when i was young, near 1996 to 2001. you tried to ski as far as possible, but if you trip over objects then bigfoot would catch up and eat you.

  2. Marcie Carew says:

    I am planning to go hunting for Bigfoot this year and I want to hang this trophy on my wall. Any ideas?

  3. Desmarais says:

    Bigfoot has actually been caught on film a few times.
    You want to know who I am? Im a legend.

  4. Melisa Klenke says:

    I have been wondering what other people think about monsters such as bigfoot. Any online proof you have would be great. Also, any other monster such as the Loch Ness Monster or Jersey Devil will also be appreciated. =D

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  6. Elie hang says:

    Hey! that’s Bear Grylls!

  7. reclaimerReclaimer says:

    He’s a lousy photographer simple as that, actually a sign that he’s nervous. The reason he talked so calmly is because the subject is miles away on a ridge, so the group feels safe. Not fake it’s 8ft at least, can’t be faked instead it’s the typical BF stature and moves. Creature may be a much used word but it’s really the wrong word to use because the species isn’t an ape, they’re likely either an unknown hominin race or they’re aliens. I know that sounds far out but it explains any cover-up.

  8. Allsoproductions says:

    A little late here guys… Butchykid has over a million videos of Bigfoot sightings.

  9. tom dahling says:

    looks to me like its a camper with a backpack on slouching as he walks down the hill so his arms look longer then they are. theirs nothing next to it that you could realy get a scale on how big it realy was.

  10. steffenreeser14 says:

    you’re an idiot, look at 1:33… you can see the rope used to tie it… retards.

  11. gchamp727 says:

    too bad you could not leave the kids and the wife at home or tell them the shut up
    they are so noisy it blows the whole deal

  12. elcap22 says:

    Grover Krantz thought these creatures are a species of ape and not human at all

  13. reclaimerReclaimer says:

    I personally believe he was incorrect on that, I find the evidence more in favour of an unknown hominin species rather than animal/ape, with different variations worldwide. We know they’re bipedal with humanlike feet and faces as well as having a language if we can trust the famous Sierra Sounds and I think we can. It’s quite delusional to think it’s all faked or lies and a lot more likely they exist given all the evidence, but also already acknowledged and secretly protected by authorities.

  14. 1533mark says:

    Say its real all you want but…A creature made to roam the mountains,hills and forest would not be slipping around while its waking all the time and constantly looking at its feet…unless its a Dude in a costume or just a Guy up there snooping around… when the figure is between the trees walking down the hill I thought he was going to fall a couple of times…..Goofy and no one seems to excited just matter of fact video making….

  15. APDallaround says:

    i garuntee that bigfoot visited/watched your camp that night

  16. tonyhawk1201 says:

    It not a fake or idk cant see on mountain

  17. IkHebHardeSsWaGg says:

    The first part might have been a bear?

  18. TheMCJuicyFruit says:

    Sasquatch is fake, easy as that. With all the people that get lost in the woods every year, we find them with 4-wheelers and a few dogs within a couple of days. You’re telling me that all these crackheads with their body heat cameras, their motion capture cameras, and all this other high tech bullshit they put in the woods, we can’t get any REAL evidence besides the man in the monkey suit videos? Or like this video, a guy from far away, hiking.

  19. 808easystreet says:

    Should’ve searched the bedding area for hair samples.

  20. reclaimerReclaimer says:

    Oh yeah, fake how so? ‘A guy hiking’ this far away would not even show up on the screen, let alone look as big as he does. A normal sized person would be tiny, like the later BFRO recreation walk whereas this subject’s 8ft. Said that plenty of times now, find a guy this tall and we’ll talk. Not only that, this body’s exactly typical BF and not human at all. And why we can’t find them, maybe because they’re smart hominins and not apes or maybe their existence is covered up which is very likely.

  21. TheMCJuicyFruit says:

    It’d be awfully hard to “cover up” an “8ft tall ape man” walking around, don’t you think? And if they were “smart” wouldn’t they either come out and conversate, or stay completely hidden? I’m sorry, but there is just NO way. Robert Wadlow, from the United States, stood at 8’11” (2.72m) and is recognized as the tallest man in the world. Bears, zoo-escaped monkeys, and drugs. Those are what cause most of the bigfoot sightings.

  22. corn31250 says:

    could be Slender Man

  23. 3xjjs says:

    I’m not dumb thats obviously a giraffe!

  24. reclaimerReclaimer says:

    Y’know something, these sightings of ‘big hairy men’ date back to the first settlers and the Vikings even so it’s hardly drug-related or anything like that. Mentally, not much separates us from people back then it’s mostly technology that sets us apart today. And that’s precisely the tools that’ll solve this mystery for us eventually, no matter what this unknown species is DNA goes a long way. Whatever they are, a Man of this Earth or alien the truth will come out. Exist they definitely do.

  25. Thegraysonshow says:

    Holy fuck it slender man give me $20

  26. canelo756 says:

    J have a big foot in my basemant

  27. Edertainment01 says:

    It walks just like a person. And the camera guy keeps insinuating that its a ‘creature’ its something ‘strong’…hes describing too much and is way too calm. hes telling you that its a bigfoot.

  28. blkcpdconure says:

    I have seen a trail cam photo of a part of a Sasquatches face that looked like a Neanderthal more than an ape. It had a big bulbous nose and the nostrils seemed to be mostly on the face instead of on the nose. It also looked like it had a light skin tone and a very thick black beard. The growth pattern of the beard was a lot different than a humans beard.

    The photo has never been released. A BFRO investigator showed me it on an expedition. 

  29. YTA2012 says:

    why is it that people cannot hold a damn camera steady? its not that hard!

  30. Bacone2009 says:

    Pch….pff….hahaha I love butchy

  31. 951196 says:

    He’s TIREd of the bigfoot

  32. FreePorn604 says:


  33. DemonKilla2012 says:


  34. kickbuttkitteh3 says:

    If you watch closely you can see it’s a guy in suit

  35. svano711 says:

    Just doing some Jersey Devil research and saw this video. My video about the Jersey Devil was supposed to be more serious like this, but went in another direction…

  36. tylerpickersgill says:

    Tra lalalala

  37. mathewsrc3 says:

    Butchy kiddy you are an absloute asshole., Wantta mee you in the woods

  38. Superbowserisland says:

    funny as ;D

  39. matsku59 says:

    you subnormal or shit

    bad video

  40. WhatsThatYourDead says:

    Hey thats not bigfoot its my sister xD

  41. Herobrinewillkill says:

    That sucked

  42. celestekittie says:

    IDK why but your voice is sexy lol

  43. chocobo305 says:

    whenever i see one of butchykids video i see a dumbass person like you saying “FAKE”.of course its fake he makes them for laughs not for evidence of a damn ape or whatever creature

  44. 16waltlu says:

    dead xD

  45. BreauxBobby says:

    I love No Budget Productions Bigfoot videos. My and my boy have watched at least 10 of these and we’re just dying laughing. It’s hilarious, a little vulgar, but funny as hell!

  46. Silver Lugia says:

    ABVOUSLY U DUMBASS┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

  47. Silver Lugia says:


  48. DemonKilla2012 says:

    OBVIOUSLY u spelled OBVIOUSLY wrong. Spell correctly next time dude

  49. Silver Lugia says:

    who the fuck spells things correctly on youtube?

  50. Ru Evangelista says:


  51. DemonKilla2012 says:

    Well your either someone who failed out of school or dropped out of school. Either way you sir are a loser to me

  52. keyboardarctica says:

    So if someone writes a word wrong on youtube, you consider them a loser..? That just made you an even bigger fucking loser in my fucking world, fuck. You didn’t stop to think for a second that not everyone in the entire fucking world writes and speaks english..? Narrow minded fucking asswhipe.

  53. oStyyL says:


  54. DemonKilla2012 says:

    No all I’m just saying was that you call me out and in the process you spelled wrong.
    That’s it and you don’t have to go on a tangent it’s youtube relax bro I don’t think a lot of people don’t care what you have to say (including me) so don’t respond to this message or it’s simple that you hate a lot of people and you care about what a lot of other people say

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