Water Truck Driver Encounters Bigfoot at Deadwood River

2nd of three Bigfoot sightings in 24 hours at Ghost Town of Deadwood. Related Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOUlU6wEMS0&list=UUb2B7zBcor24wwAIhEFAUpQ …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

compilation of most realistic bigfoot sightings since october 2014.

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27 Responses

  1. Thomas End says:
  2. termcr7 says:

    i was scared

  3. Ethan Rubio says:

    wud did you see

  4. Pople BackyardFarm says:

    interesting :) 

  5. Twinkly Kitten says:

    Where was it


    That poor guy. Thank you Kelly, I love hearing about others encounters. I
    wish you could find him to talk to him. Please keep safe.

  7. Herb Walker says:

    You guys refer to TOWNS. Well us that don’t Know or live there don’t even
    know what STATE you are talking about/ Wild Bill was killed in a “Deadwood”
    wasn’t he?

  8. Derp Darp says:

    Where I live in canada there is not rlly any Bigfoot sightings but I would
    like to bigfootin’ with u guys cause I do go hunting sometimes but I have
    not seen Bigfoot .

  9. Ben Life says:

    Sounds more like a Grizzly Bear to me? A Grizzly would behave like that
    before they charge.

  10. TLW says:

    This really is a fascinating subject. I understand there’s so many reports
    and sightings of big foot, I have yet see any footage of it. Is there any?
    And if so where do I find it? 

  11. Pierre McKinney says:

    Ya that’s definetely a characterístic if you are alone. If they dont want
    you there they’ll ramp it up more. If they have little ones around they’ll
    definetely let you know they don’t want you there. They know Kelly. I bet
    they know you. The areas you frequent they do.somehow they know. Keep a
    opened minf guy.


  12. Marc Crooks says:

    Idaho, we oughtta plan a camping trip out that way. 

  13. Mark Kluge says:

    If your a total non believer in BIGFOOT, think its all BS, its 4am, dark
    outside, and you see an eight foot hairy creature eyeballing you and
    moving closer…………I’d be shitting my pants too. That Rambo shit is
    only in the movies so for all the tough guy responses about the water
    guy………come on people. I’m a believer in BIGFOOT but think about this
    poor bastard who was just trying to do his job. Unless your packing some
    serious “HEAT” ………….and who is to say BIGFOOT has not killed people
    at sometime……….all the “PROS” don’t know either. PLEASE no responses
    that Bigfoot is simply harmless and cute from all the animal lovers and

  14. ravenspride says:

    that is really cool. i grew up in the colorado mountains, near mantiou
    springs. (mega hot spot for sasquatches. the cave of the winds has a exit
    road going down a canyon and that was my first sighting ( 11yo), next was i
    was 14, at the base of mt manitou. inside the city limits!!! go up Barr
    trail through the switch backs and when it leads off in two directions, go
    down to the stream. See a small pool with large boulders and a tree with
    wood chipped out( my mark). After that i made it a habit to go out and
    look for them. my home town has an ancient legend of bigfoot running
    around protecting the mineral springs. only the bravest warriors would
    dare go there.

  15. Jimmy O says:

    Lastly, i wasn’t looking for Bigfoot – i just had prob a one ten million
    chance of seeing the rare hominid. Aft seeing one, i believe it to be
    related to us. Maybe a distant relative in a branch if hominids? Just a

  16. tyler hendeshot says:

    i really like the sighting report`s ,, and the whole RM SO and the way
    you conduct your research . if you ever get up in the Columbia river gouge
    i would love to hook up and tell a few story`s 

  17. Carol Gannon says:

    i big time dont believe you saw him because you edited him in the video

  18. wrinkle patterson says:

    Omg! Humans are dangerous. Poor Bigfoot. We’ll destroy them all. What is
    this the storytelling crybaby channel? Grow tf up! Are humans entitled to
    anything? If you really care about the land and all its creatures.. U n all
    your treehuggers just save everything and kill yourselves. Kill god and
    worship mother earth. I love the mystery of Bigfoot and wanna see one but
    this crying has gone on too long.

  19. Jimmy O says:

    The common thing about people’s sightings is: bf is about 8′ tall, dark w
    possible reddish hair in the brown dark fur, and bf has no neck, or a short
    neck. Well, I saw each trait of bf and it’s true. I don’t doubt most of
    what Folk’s are
    seeing – because I saw one for myself (w out looking for it);it just
    happened that I was driving on a dark night on a woodsy stretch of hwy in
    south Oregon n 13′. Scared me enough that I kept driving!


  20. Polly Ticks says:

    River’s are not determined by their width where I live, but by their
    length. A creek is shorter and feeds a tributary to the river or flows
    directly into the river. There are creeks in the saltwater marshes on the
    southern coast of the US that are a half mile wide, but they are named
    creeks because they only run for about 5 miles from source to mouth. It’s
    the length from source to mouth in parts of the south. The Tennessee River
    which is about a quarter mile wide at Chattanooga is only a foot wide at
    it’s source, but it’s a river determined by it’s length. Your river could
    be near it’s source and be smaller than the typical creek you are used to.

  21. Eric Disney says:


  22. Morgan Hill says:

    what the

  23. brogs60 says:

    Certainly looks “Squatchy” enjoy your sighting Reports.

  24. CastAway says:

    Looks squatchy for sure!

  25. Penotia Sesquai says:

    Distant yell/vocalization at 4:06 – any other humans around? : =3 } p

  26. bettertruth thanlie says:

    it was hot place in 1996

  27. theworldiskryptonite says:

    Idk how to feel about the Bigfoot epidemic If he’s real or not, guess if it
    was that would be pretty cool. I live near the Rocky Mountains, I can see
    them when I walk out side my house. But To think that there’s something
    more out there other than just mankind n all of our endangered species and
    fossils. It would be mindblowing. And you know tho, Maybe at one time allot
    of mythical creatures were real, but because of man playing hero and
    devastator in the ancient times we eventually used and abused until our
    civilizations ruled all the lands and even the oceans. Were so bad we even
    pushed away the ancient aliens, and crucified our Messiah (No offense to
    any body) . So whether he’s real or not im sure were just gna kill’em all
    off eventually like the tiger. Maybe us not being able to find them is just
    for the best. But good luck to you guys hope u catch some good footage if u
    do run into the Sasquatch. I’ll subscribe to keep updated. Thanks for