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25 Responses

  1. Kyle Tourneur says:

    That go

  2. Arizona Flutist says:

    You will RESPECT Gnomes! Take care of the garden, the plants and the land,
    and don’t walk on that grass either! All things living are precious! You
    are the one exception and now I will kill you! ARGH!!

  3. Art Smith says:

    “I think Bigfoot is blurry, that’s the problem. It’s not the
    photographer’s fault. Bigfoot is blurry, and that’s extra scary to me.
    There’s a large, out of focus monster roaming the countryside. Run ! He’s
    fuzzy… get out of here !” (Mitch Hedberg)

  4. KK Victor says:

    Why are people soooooo dumb? Why do they waste their time with stuff that
    some people actually take seriously. 

  5. Bobby says:

    “Oh look a bigfoot, quick get the worst possible camera”

  6. Isabella Moon says:
  7. Max Hennessy says:

    Gnomes really

  8. RockZGirl says:

    Ok, first, a lot of the footage on here is blurry, 2nd the video where that
    thing was crossing the intersection was a dear or something, and the video
    after that I’m pretty sure is animated. But the gnomes were pretty funny.

  9. Michel 1970 Meenhuis says:

    02:30 Kabouters ? 02:42 One Climbs Out ?!

  10. Derek Evans says:


  11. Peter Neil says:

    The gnomes was really funny lmao

  12. John Rambo says:

    Hey look a Bigfoot! Grab that potato and let’s record it!

  13. 1M0RTAL_CH1CKEN says:

    Gnomes? WTH!? THIS is Bigfoot not fake CGI rabid knomes 

  14. Jay McMullan says:

    Stupid video. Not worth the time it takes to watch it.

  15. Zachary Taylor says:

    One of those were gnomes

  16. Jacob Purvis says:

    What was that in the alley

  17. Benjamin Filbert says:

    Ok after watching multiple videos for the last half hour, I think my time
    for the rest of the night would be best spent masturbating.

    Xhamster, here I come..

  18. Jacob Robbins says:

    really they were rather cats or spatial effects

  19. Andrew Sanders says:

    theres some from aliens there not big foot their aliens!

  20. Victor Valero says:

    The one where a cop stops at 250 weird elves attack and kill looks made or
    hollywood the make shit movies of horror and the rest a blur tapes of

  21. Lastkingof33 says:

    A couple good ones. The rest no one wanted to see to begin with

  22. Kevi Tube says:

    The usual blurred up video! FAKE!!! you know nowadays that people make
    legit, awesome hd camera and I’ve never seen a video of bigfoot in HD and
    I’m going to america on 31st – April 18 and I have a hd camera and I am
    going to find one and post it

  23. Camzale Dany says:

    yup, all bigfoot. nothing else

  24. Gus Dykstra says:

    Number 3 was a Fox. Number Four was an Alien.

  25. marianne quinn says:

    Well that’s 5 minutes and 11 seconds of my life I can never get back !! Wow
    these videos are what gives true paranormal investigators a bad a name!!