The Capture Of Bigfoot

Directed by Bill Rebane (1979) Starring Janus Raudkivi, Randolph Rebane, Stafford Morgan A ferocious beast, once thought to be no more than the maniacal ravings of demented mountain men, …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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8 Responses

  1. blacnite28 says:

    Wow first!

  2. CamCam Stypayhorshelikson says:

    this movie was produced by my grandpa

  3. 1stclassninjasoup says:

    Did you get the Bigfoot Terror dvd?

  4. EL PASTY says:

    this comment gets the most likes.

  5. 1stclassninjasoup says:

    Upload “Search for the Beast”

  6. Herb Burnley says:


  7. Oddyellano says:

    Great movie considering. Good folk-funk soundtrack. As some may have
    guessed, the disco/ski lodge scene was simply there to serve the late ’70s
    movie paradigm (as much as I dig disco! lol). Take that scene out and
    nothing would change the movie that much (detract from it).

  8. Daniel David Young says:

    Still so much better than Animal Planet’s ‘Finding Bigfoot’.