STUNNING Video of Unknown Deep Sea Creature – MOC #239

So I was misled and this footage (or at least still images) has indeed been posted before elsewhere. But it’s still incredible video and worth watching. And nothing I said in the commentary…

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25 Responses

  1. Justin Biggers says:

    A giant sea spider lol I have no Idea what it is to be honest it looks

  2. Its Bxnm says:

    All of these are not unknown the first one is a shark wich name I forgot,
    second one is a sperm whale and third is long armed squid or magnapinna

  3. Jeremy Hilton says:

    The third was simply an octopusss

  4. TheLeftHandofGod says:

    This fuck face talks to much

  5. Theist Antagonist says:

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster! (he boiled for our sins)

  6. Jane Nunley says:

    Creature X is a Bigfin squid

  7. chilla blunts says:

    Vampire squid 

  8. sep carson says:

    Elbowed squid

  9. DeanoPiano says:

    Its a cephalopod of some sort, there are probably lots more like it

  10. Entityplays2 Mc says:

    i saw jellyfish where is that animalX

  11. Abigail Sicam says:

    Creature X might be a new discovered octopus they should call it kneed
    octopus or squid or T squid or it is an alien trying to discover our planet

  12. Spider Man says:

    That’s a fucking squid, it’s been identified a long time a go and already
    in database, good god are people stupid.
    The thing’s fucking harmless and not even that big.

  13. Brandi Leavitt says:

    Only about 5% of the earths oceans are discovered. This defiantly either a
    species of jellyfish or a cephalopod of some sort.

  14. R.D Phethsarath says:

    Looks like it could be named a long legged spider squid :3

  15. Dylan Parry says:

    Holy shit, what an annoying video presenter. Why not just bugger off and
    leave us all with the clips that we want to see….

  16. canmoore says:

    “Creature X” is a Long armed squid, it was on the Octonaughts!!

  17. Rômulo Crispim says:

    The “Creature X” is currently known as Magnapina Sp.

  18. Sue Horrocks says:

    Isn’t that the Great White Shark, in South Africa called The Submarine! The
    one that’s 38ft long and has a great big scar over it’s left eye? It’s the
    only one that can stay motionless and it actually thinks before it strikes,
    or so the documentary about it says

  19. Janessa Haley says:

    Oh my gosh creature X looks like an alien to me too!

  20. Jason Davis says:

    the last one is not real how come the other 2 swim in to view and out with
    no camera shaking then the last one looks as if Michael j fox is filming it
    lol just saying 

  21. Mary Thompson says:

    Creature X looks like a fickin alien to me!!!

  22. Bryan Turner says:

    It could be a giant squid with a birth defect

  23. Hot Crispy Bacon says:

    omg ppl r u seriously that blind its a giant great white shark its not that
    awesome its just abnormally large n a little smarter bc its brain is larger
    than typical sharks did u know that scientists have found out that MERMAIDS
    ACTUALLY EXIST!!!! theres footage n news stuff abt it u just have to look

  24. hunter hyatt says:

    You sound a lot like Jimbothy from JimbothyGaming. 

  25. Southern Man says:

    Save yourself the annoyance….skip to 3:38