Strange, Unexplained Creatures

There’s three or four strange creatures that appear to be real enough and though I haven’t gone to any length to verify or deny their existance, they are wel…
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25 Responses

  1. Peyton Chambers says:

    Thing one triop thingy thing two is a puffer fush thing three reminders me
    if a colonoscopy for some reason

  2. Belarmino de Athayde says:

    Why are these F***ing videos always without focus?

  3. abbeyhenry16 says:

    It is a triop

  4. Dmoney222999 says:

    The first one looks something like a horse shoe crab and the second one
    looks like a puffer fish…

  5. MrGameSecrets says:

    Good thing you got your best camera to film this. -_-

  6. Daniel Allen says:

    Wtf was that in #3!!! It looked like it was in a city water main pipe…..

  7. EevylQ says:

    Thing two looks like a puffer fish. * shrugs *

  8. epicicecreamunicorn says:

    Thing 1: looks like a lobster-scorpion thing

  9. Shelly M says:

    The first one looks like a triop

  10. Audi Mcguire says:

    A cheeta head lol

  11. Liis Antons says:

    the first one was crayfish in russia

  12. Ryann Navin says:

    its just a big ball of pulsating mold it contracts to squeeze nutrients off
    the algae on the wall. btw you will only find these thing growing near poo
    on solid surfaces.

  13. Ryann Navin says:

    dude quit poking the first one and put it back in the water its obviously a
    rare prehistoric trillobyte type animal but nooo you being the almighty
    thinking human prolly let it bake in the sun….

  14. Ryann Navin says:

    omg that asshole killed it!!! I try to love humans I do but sometimes….

  15. Ryann Navin says:

    no.. puffer fish have spikes thats a water baby

  16. Ryann Navin says:

    third one is lichen living on the sewer walls a type of fungus i believe

  17. Sophie Scott says:


  18. Cren Ceolce says:

    2nd video: there are legends about what I seen in video 2, they are
    offspring of mermaid children, they are called water babies, after seeing
    this video, im starting to believe, that thing looks exactly how its
    described, idk.

  19. Candice Dewar says:

    2 Puffer fish, put it back you fucks 

  20. Patriot News Network says:


  21. Pradeep Shanmugasundaram says:

    2nd one is a puffer fish not all puffer fish have spikes look it up


    Right where it would appear to us as I are actually The Kills from the
    fish, and then he looked down you see the eyes of the fish and the mouth.

  23. tosha brooks says:

    #2 a blow fish not a water baby #3 is tubifex worms


    The second one is definitely a blown up puffer fish that’s why she’s
    throwing water on it to keep alive . You look crazy too if your body
    expanded to more than 100 percent its volume

  25. Johnny Brow says:

    The first crature is a triops