RUSSIAN BIGFOOT: The Last Living Neanderthal (full documentary)

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  1. Shrewmfairy says:

    this is the first comment

  2. nayjudd says:

    so let’s just say for a second that some neanderthals did survive would we acctually be able to match their skulls from 30,000 years ago to ones from today…they would have stopped evolving I guess come on scientists are dumb just saying

  3. ikzelfzelf1 says:

    Neanderthals are still alive.They live deep into the caves and come out of this caves to search for food.
    They went into the caves to survive the tidal wave from a few thousand years ago [like many other species, even prehistoric species].Do your own research and don’t believe mainstream scientists.
    Here is a video of a Chinese Hybrid, half human and half neaderthal.

  4. ikzelfzelf1 says:

    And here is a interesting video about wildman.They don’t found the wildman but they found something very interesting [dna of an unknown species].
    You can also see that China is a very very beautiful country.

  5. rich johnson says:

    Rubbish, yeah that explains it.

  6. Tyrella Childs says:

    u do realize neadthals were a relative of the human race… most people have at least 2% neanderthal in them and big foot seriously lol

  7. david hurley says:

    last comments

  8. james soochi says:

    Blacks are the only ones who have no Neanderthal DNA.

  9. D-Funkdafied Hip Hop says:

    Yes he is write, Africans are the only ones without the DNA as they stayed in Africa before early families moved out.

  10. Da Rees says:

    Scientists now believe that the Neanderthals breaded with us and became part of Homo-sapiens. So everyone one manly in Europe have some Neanderthal in them

  11. soutsoon soutsoo says:

    Haha so stupid. How can a different species have offsprings with each other. “Neanderthals” are humans. They are just a different race of humans

  12. Missikech Kechqua says:

    I do not believe these Almas are Neanderthals as they lack tool making capabilities. It’s quite possible they are an evolved form of Australopithecus Robustus.