Rick Dyer Shares Backstory of Events on Sept 6th, the killing & events following (edited)

This is a edited video of the events surrounding the killing of the Sasquatch in the #2 Tent/Camper Video. Here is the timeline from the original video poste…

http://theBigfootReport.com • http://TazerMedia.com (all things Tazer) • During the Vietnam War, many soldiers reported of encounters with large bipedal ape…
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50 Responses

  1. Julian najar says:

    fuck off and die

  2. Julian najar says:

    loose your ignorance faggot

  3. Julian najar says:

    undefined primate hairs found in russia and the northwest of US look it up and loose your ignorance

  4. Julian najar says:

    your refuge is rubbish

  5. ArkTiger4c says:

    dude they had lsd in nam !!! they have seen things you could only imagine !!!

  6. Laszlo Zoltan says:

    …..as if that prevents the shooting of unarmed strangers; that happens almost daily in the states, but NEVER NOT ONCE a bigfoot (unless you want to bring up the minnesota iceman, and the guy made money off of that )

  7. godismy refuge says:


  8. godismy refuge says:

    The likes of you believe anything you are ordered to believe.

  9. godismy refuge says:

    Why do the uneducated always insult etc?

  10. godismy refuge says:

    Now, now, calm down.

  11. godismy refuge says:

    I agree.

  12. alan sargent says:

    I’m a Viet Nam veteran, although I didn’t personally see a rock ape, I heard many fellow Marines relate their experiences with seeing them and getting rocks thrown at them. Too many to dismiss.

  13. John Mogavero says:

    There are creatures Mankind has yet to discover

  14. SEABrownPower says:

    in Malaysia the bigfoot thing they called it ‘Setapak Man’ ..!! or mawas(crossbred between orangutans & other ape species)

  15. seymourbbest says:

    Whatever “undefined” hairs are I’m not sure but of course you’ve got a source from a scientific journal that has a reports on these hairs? No? What a shock. Just More babble from idiotic bigfoot websites. I found some unicorn hairs in my yard….as long as we don’t have to provide scientific proof.

  16. TallSilentGuy says:

    “Well we were just there to poison the land with Agent Orange, burn their homes, rape their women and napalm their children but for some reason they took exception to our presence. Gee, these rock apes are touchy!”

  17. thewaterfalloflove says:

    Sure, so why isn’t there any video of it? According to this soldier it would stand out in a clearing and wave it’s fist – obviously that would have been easy to take pictures of or film. You’re more likely to get a video of the tooth fairy.

  18. Imah Rhobot says:

    TallSilentGuy 1 day ago
    “Well we were just there to poison the land with Agent Orange, burn their homes, rape their women and napalm their children but for some reason they took exception to our presence. Gee, these rock apes are touchy!”

    Destroy Society - Be Creative !

  19. KB1523 says:

    news of the catching of a bigfoot a few years ago by a french team in vietnam went strangely quiet.was it a rumour?

  20. twodogs716 says:

    Several encounters and no one took a shot, at least with a camera! I mean, come on! Brave soldiers and this one comes crashing out every morning railing on them! Shaking his fist… reminds me of the Marble Mountain bigfoot.

  21. Matt Conehead says:

    I heard a story about British soldiers killing a village of things like this back in the 1800’s. 

  22. noneckkid7 says:

    “Well we were just there to……”Do not enter a conversation for which you are not qualified. YOU obviously were NOT there so all you know is what you see in movies or on TV….I had conversations with other MARINES about these creatures when I WAS THERE.

  23. noneckkid7 says:

    When I was in NAM I,also,talked with a number of Marines who gave me their accounts of rock ape encounters….there has to be something to this!

  24. ElMakz says:

    Complete bullshit in my opinion. Some stoned and high soldiers sees all kinds of shit in the jungle.

  25. ElMakz says:

    where did u hear this?

  26. Darren Tarrant says:

    I always respected what fbfb had to say, but associating yourselves with such a blatant hoaxster has totally discredited everything you have accomplished. It has put back Bigfoot research and destroyed your reputations.
    Once this is proven to be a hoax AGAIN hopefully we will never hear this “Master Tracker” ramble ever again.

  27. chopyrheadoffasshole says:

    Whats complicated , if you got it,show it,your a proven hoaxer,why would anyone believe someone like you, a confirmed liar,show your proof or shut the fuck up and hang yourself, your credibility is zero,. These FB,FB are now tainted as well,all you people do is lie and cheat,how can you live with yourselves. Karma will put it right one day, this is a guarantee.

  28. chopyrheadoffasshole says:

    So True, These guys are scum of the earth.Love your comment SasquatchBobby.

  29. ricky landing says:

    why do you lifeless fucks even bother commenting or watching if it such bullshit and hes such a scumbag youll be eaten all kinds of cock all of you come apr,30

  30. ricky landing says:

    u sound like your swallowing balls ya teabag lovin fuck face

  31. ricky landing says:

    get lost then jack off if you don’t agree or like it come apr 30 your gonna eat crows cock too

  32. ricky landing says:

    discredit dees ya loser get a life go verbally abuse somebody else whats the matter you fucken clowns cant take it ya faggott fucken uncle fucker

  33. elmirabigfootwatch86 says:

    From the Georgia, Bigfoot hoax to Killing Bigfoot and catching Bigfoot, cooking his ribs from the tent. Dyer, is some Ridiculous. Idiot, inbreeding, Asshole.

  34. Daniel Allen says:

    This man is nothing but a drunk, lying piece of shit. And all you people that back him up he’d take your money and run and not feel one damn bit bad about it. He’s to damn lazy to get a real job. He’s job is ripping people off. People just like me and you who work hard for our money. I can’t blame dyer to much cause he just takes advantage of all the dumb ass people who give him all there money just because he’s a good liar.

  35. MrCantgetno says:

    i i i new new ii it ii was killed bigfoot huh,,Dude your like watching a car rust !..

  36. Chris Spencer says:

    The fact that the first 5 minutes is all about “I” and “me” is enough.  “Doin, what I do best” sums it all up. Attention addict who must give himself props for his “tracking” skills because no one else is going to. What’s your cut for promoting this guys bullshit?

  37. elmirabigfootwatch86 says:


  38. SnowWalkerPrime says:

    Well said SasquatchBobby.

  39. SasquatchBobby says:

    Thanks SnowWalkerPrime! I appreciate the energy U put into your Investigations. If dyer ever got lucky enough to point his water gun at a Squatch, the scene would be similar to the Raptor scene in Jurrasic Park, where the hunter has the Raptor in his Gun Sights and says, “I got you now,” but suprisingly sees the 2nd Raptor, and realizes that HE IS THE ONE BEING HUNTED. This is dyer’s legacy; he will suffer an excrutiating & painful death as the Squatches rip his fat ass apart, limb by limb!

  40. SasquatchBobby says:

    Daaaaaa, aren’t you on this Site and daaaaaa, aren’t you commenting too??? Daaaaa, You have a real potty mouth. Obviously me and ya mama didn’t wash your mouth out enough, daaaaaa! Dumb Ass!

  41. kfbpro22 says:

    Chill out buddy. Anyone can see a squatch.

  42. 19fenderman60 says:

    A master tracker? Give me a break! He flat out said he’s in it for the money! SCUMBAG

  43. drewbarry7 says:

    Linda Sedlak…I cant find the clip. Thought you were going to post it?

  44. jamesmonkeyhanger says:

    Why do people listen to this knobjocky he must go to bed laughing his head off how many times he can have people over

  45. SasquatchBobby says:

    Go Fuck Yourself! I don’t remember you being my Buddy Clueless!

  46. elmirabigfootwatch86 says:

    Sounds,like a fucking crackheads.what a Jackass.

  47. kfbpro22 says:

    Look we know you’re special… but anyone can see a squatch.

  48. Brandon L says:

    SnowWalkerPrime is a COCK MUNCHER!! #FACT

  49. Jason Gibbons says:


  50. scott parsons says:

    it hurts to listen to this dickhead, what a moron, at least write your story down and memorize it., WOW. what a GOOF>