Provo Canyon Bigfoot Encounter?

Slowed and Enhanced version: We went camping in Provo Canyon (near Squaw Peak and Little Rock Canyon Overlook) and…
Video Rating: 2 / 5

Amazing footage captured by nationally known expert bow hunter (Fred Eichler), who states he didn’t know what it was. Michael Merchant (A Biologist), examine…

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50 Responses

  1. Fretless99 says:

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  2. TribalFusion23 says:

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  3. TribalFusion23 says:

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  4. TribalFusion23 says:

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  5. Fretless99 says:

    Your last name isn’t Obama, is it? :)…I have a problem with some of your policies, but overall I think you are doing a good job, Mr. President. I see you have a sense of humor; I am also pleasantly surprised to see a semblance of politeness in this comment. Much better. If your comments to me were more like this, you wouldn’t have a problem from me. Like I said before, I don’t care what you say about me; but NOBODY insults my family. That is why I have a problem with you.

  6. Fretless99 says:

    It would be really funny to watch this jerk walk into South Central L.A., and say that. I wonder how many pieces of him we would find. I really hate racists. I am not perfect, but I don’t like this kind of crap.

  7. Fretless99 says:

    You have a very good point. I have thought I have seen some very strange things in the woods, a couple of times. Just my mind playing tricks on me. But I do believe at least some of the people who claim they have seen BF are genuine. There has to be something to some of the sightings by experienced observers, (hunters, cops, military folk).

  8. Gary Stouffer says:

    Yeah, I concur. And the more time you spend out in the bush the more chances you senses have to be effected one way or another. Don’t get me wrong, I am quite sure of the existence of BF types. What I’ve seen and experienced could make a good short story. But I have no actual proof. And would not bother to show off anything that might be misconstrued as a hoax. Indeed I try to point out to the naive/inexperienced how to recognize a hoax. Thx for your come-back and comments. Hope you subscr me.

  9. TribalFusion23 says:

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  10. Fretless99 says:

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  11. Fretless99 says:

    Subscribed, brother :).

  12. Gary Stouffer says:

    Thx I appreciate that mate. Look forward to seeing some of your comments on whatever, where ever…HAH!

  13. TribalFusion23 says:

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  16. Fretless99 says:

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  19. TribalFusion23 says:

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  20. DeathViper1959 says:

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  21. tattedking1978 says:

    Big ass Turkey!!

  22. Citizen Mary says:

    Maybe Bigfoot has learned & teaches it young how to trigger a camera by moving branches nearby & hearing it go off. I think they can hear the motion & when the cameras are activated. Bigfoot’ watches people placing them in their backyards, on their trees & territory, the bush. They may not know what the cameras do, but they want no part of them. Strategy has to change. What if they understand it captures their image? That would mean they understand folks talking having heard us all their lives.

  23. ritter89 says:

    WTF is weapontry? It’s weaponry

  24. hermit1664 says:

    There is one other possibillity. Someone who knew there were trail cams there and thought it would be a funny joke to play on those who placed the cams there.
    So it doesn’t have to be done by those who set up the cams, just by some clown who was aware they were there. But it’s still possible that it’s entirely legit.

  25. hermit1664 says:

    It’s such a shame that some people who put down others for their intelligence because of their beliefs or opinions then turn around and puke out hatred and ignorance as well as pure cold hearted insults that apply to hisself as well as anyone but doesn’t have the “intelligence” he blames others for to even know that. How about taking your hatred, bigotry, racism and cruelty and go somewhere that maybe someone will actually give a shit? Because in case you haven’t noticed yet, no one here cares.

  26. Hayden Garfield says:

    It ether a grizzly or a black guy taking a dump

  27. xEILTETrIkSh0TUnITx says:

    It may be a black guy taking a dump but black guys dont egsist

  28. cameron ware says:


  29. flogginsnorgen says:

    lol its spelled eggsist. there fixxed it foor yuo :)

  30. HeavenGerling says:

    They ARE real. Start watchin’ Finding Bigfoot

  31. Bence Kökény says:

    Ray William Johnson? :D

  32. joe4irnbru says:

    Not real obviously

  33. CLarose says:

    Actually its a hairy white guy. Since white people are always so hairy…

  34. Robert DePass says:

    U get that from butchykid

  35. Clara Mattinson says:

    why all the thumbs down this is a real video and not faked

  36. BOLTNOSE says:

    you dumbass….I been watching that show for two years and they never catch anything………lol…..guess im a dumbass too

  37. randomprofile001 says:

    true that

  38. Noah Robert says:


  39. Omar Doraney says:

    Way too fake

  40. BatwhoMC says:

    Just a bear!

  41. campnfish90 says:

    Damn was it a bear? What ever the case last thing that you want to do is run from a wild, you could have been attacked.

  42. cgtjei says:

    No bear Bigfoot

  43. Richard Kurr says:


  44. akiwa10 says:

    It couldnt of been a bear cos the bear would have chased them !!!!

  45. javibarr says:

    It’s a chupacabra

  46. Ronabe Garcia says:

    You should’ve stayed calm to see if it was bigfoot
    That is if hes real

  47. wowser4life says:


  48. Tyler Shipton says:

    Look at that rub

  49. Jason Lachoumanan says:

    C’est juste un mec qui fait caca dans les bois… pffff c’est plutot bigshit que bigfoot

  50. TheHolyRight says:

    You are fake and gay. And before you say anything, Yes I am a dick.