Native American Bigfoot Stories and Petroglyphs (Documentary)

Native American Bigfoot Stories and Petroglyphs (Documentary) This episode looked at the possibility of family units of Sasquatch. One researcher, Jamie Aval…

Sasquatch, Bigfoot some facts that suggest its real plus shocking video footage.Then you decide …
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. darryl pratt says:

    Your a bunch of retards.

  2. skan8 says:

    dat scream

  3. Solomon Lightbodyessence says:

    Ha.. Blocked in my country huh???

  4. spacedude helix says:

    dennis4706 PEACE!!!
    subcsribed :)

  5. jasminetigerlily1 says:

    Leave bigfoot alone, once the are found they will be hunted to extinction.

  6. jack daniel says:

    omg every video u make has that twilight zone ….. sigh …

  7. Ricardo Umanzor says:

    Why no available for ipad bitch

  8. Liberallez says:

    What a total waste of time!!

  9. Cristian Morales says:

    Hey bro I’ve been subscribed to you for a long time and I’ve been enjoying
    your videos but this one says that “content owner has not made this video
    available on mobile…” Is there a way you can change that?? ):

  10. Millard Snowden says:

    U think that boy that screamed had to change his pants

  11. splurging247 says:

    What in the hell was that ? It was “scary” alright… the editing and
    music that is… and for fuck’s sake Dennis4706, what’s your next video
    about, the existence of Unicorns or the Easter Bunny ? Tooth Fairy maybe ? 

  12. Joshua Hernandez says:

    the video at 8;36 looks fake . The figure is too skinny for its size. and
    if the man was screaming why did it keep its cool. I believe , without a
    doubt that bigfoot is real but… this video is a hoax.

  13. lizard man says:

    good vid

  14. andy wylde says:

    I can’t stand all this Big Foot garbage. It don’t exist, get over it. This
    was not scary either. At least not to me. If these things existed there
    would be actual carcasses found of dead ones. If one exists that means
    there were 2 that exist in order for them to birth that one. So that is 3
    right there. I mean where do these things hide when people look for them?
    There has been sightings, multiple sightings in large areas at different
    times so that means there a lot out there(supposedly). We live in a society
    where we can travel to space, explore the ocean depths but we can’t find a
    large mammal like creature running around the woods? Ok. The only thing
    that seems unaccountable to me is my sense of plausibility!

  15. Joseph Pike says:

    We know we’re watching “Dennis4706”, you don’t have to insert it every 20
    seconds. And why do you put it in the middle of the screen? What’s wrong
    with an upper or lower corner like most people?

  16. Hivolt Arc says:

    Why do you put those boxes up on screen? They’re more annoying than

  17. Tia Allred says:

    I cant watch this im on a nook it says the owner (you) didnt make it for
    people who are on a mobile device!

  18. NUTTY14303 says:

    Find your Own Evidence!!!! Dip Shit.

  19. jeradt1983 says:

    Sons of Cain or perhaps descendants of Esau. Remember Cain had a mark upon
    him that made all men want to kill him. Esau was born to Isaac and was
    covered thick in hair at birth. When Jacob needed goat fur placed on him to
    trick Isaac to get his blessing maybe this is why? Imagine how the world
    would be if Esau got the blessing! Lol

  20. nunyu buz says:

    thank you for the music. makes it hard to take serious. 4 minutes later:
    yea no. you need to not make any more videos. you will not be taken

  21. Hbmariokart says:

    this wasnt scary but it was funny

  22. mr. skydog says:

    oh my god!! thanks for the warning, god I was so scarred!!! you fucking
    those aren’t even you videos you dipfuckwad!!! the music was scary to, it
    matched the video.

  23. Trey Mixon says:

    whats the deal with the lounge bar music?

  24. Luke Kibler says:

    Could have done without all the bullshit. I just want to see the original
    footage with it’s original sound.