“Lost Tapes” Bigfoot Sightings

Look carefully at the shots….
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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8 Responses

  1. victor14cats says:

    this is dumb i wish bigfoot trou rocks at you

  2. coolwheels13 says:

    You guys aren’t good actors…..

  3. Dolan Ingraham says:


  4. William Bernd says:

    Ok, that was creepy!! I loved the effects and the scary music. Great job
    guys! Auntie Dee

  5. SingerTonya says:

    @plumpsquash2468 What?

  6. Dolan Ingraham says:

    @victor14cats same here bro

  7. SingerTonya says:

    That was creepy. And if you shot it you may have pissed it off.

  8. anunez211 says:

    Fuckin vidoe