Bigfoot Sighting Virginia June 2014 – Caught on Tape

Bigfoot Proof? A Virginia man encounters strange creature – Bigfoot’s newest sighting caught on tape by a fisherman in the woods. The Virginia man claims he has the best proof of bigfoot yet….

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25 Responses

  1. John Gilbert says:

    If you run around in the woods in a monkey suit, you deserve to be shot.
    Everyone I know who goes into he woods has a gun. Maybe a lot of people
    have a death wish?

  2. Ric Cywink says:

    Mitch Hedburg had it right. We already have proof of Bigfoot. All pictures
    show what he looks like. That is as Mitch says…Pictures of Bigfoot
    strange as it seems they are all blurry…Mitch’s conclusion is that
    Bigfoot is actually a blurry big hairy monster and all your cameras …yes
    they were in focus. :)

  3. 77lostgirl says:

    I live in. Chesapeake and have seen it with a smaller one..Please leave
    these alone.they arnt violent.

  4. Thomas Thomsen says:

    Whatch the patterson Bigfoot film. It is not fake, and the animal is not

  5. Kathi says:

    Im Ernst seit wann sind bigfoots durchsichtig das war kein bigfoot sondern
    ETWAS anderes 

  6. sadlkas asdja says:

    So all you did was show a picture of a man in a suit and you’re telling us
    to prove it’s fake? Where’s the footage at? Waste of time ..

  7. jason humphrey says:

    why the fuck would an animal have bright red eyes that glow red in the
    dark? i hate this shit. 

  8. lisa may says:

    We once witnessed a bigfoot whilst in France on holiday!. But it turns out
    it was the “Village idiot” lol. the dude at the hotel told us he is
    “special” and likes to follow people and spy on them whilst hiking!!!. He
    was 6ft8 and 200kgs with a size 16 shoe. So technically he was bigfoot that
    also happened to be retarded! lol.

  9. MBsaturnus says:

    “big foot” “yeti” or whatever is a paranormal entity, not a biological and
    or cryptid of whatever sort…

  10. Heinz Fritz says:

    Big foot is the real deal. He lives in my block and sells me weed. He once
    raped me as well. 110% legit story bro. 

  11. Epic Wildlife says:

    What did the O’Neal’s really encounter in the Virginia woods?

  12. DaveCreator says:

    That’s nothing. Just today I uploaded bigfoot footage that’s actually high

  13. gir489 says:

    Looks like a bear.

  14. sadlkas asdja says:

    Bigfoot is just like levitation – there’s some people who CLAIM that it
    exists yet not a single person on the planet can prove it.

  15. mike sullivan says:

    Mitch Hedgeburg was correct.
    Bigfoot is blurry. 

  16. JJ McManus says:

    There is nothing to critique or dispute, you cannot tell what it is end of

  17. jimmyfabs78 says:

    These pictures of the so called bigfoot are always far off in the distance.
    You’re telling me that of all the lenses and different cameras and
    technology someone can’t get a better closer up picture? Bullshit.

  18. Lana Lala says:

    Some people believe that Bigfoot is an INTER-DIMENSIONAL BEING, & which
    would explain why they haven’t been caught.They know how to transition
    between realms.Another theory is that they are extraterrestrials, because
    some are encountered in areas with UFOs or, in a few cases, going into what
    appears to be, extraterrestrial space craft.

  19. Robert Luna says:

    thats just shaquille o’neal taking a piss…

  20. captainjobo says:

    >Takes one blurry photo with a black spot in it
    >recalls a cheesy sounding scenario that goes against belief

    “Guys it absolutely exists for sure this is 100% the best evidence omg”

    Like, c’mon people. I want to believe as much as the next guy, but take
    some decent pictures next time and if you can’t, don’t try to pass off
    something unintelligible for an 100% fact.

  21. the third uchiha says:

    my contry is the safest country in the world
    no bigfoot sighting
    no ghosts sighting
    no aliens sighting
    no chubakabra sighting
    no slender sighting
    its saudia arabia

  22. fog360 says:

    I don’t know what to think on this,I do know one thing,if it really does
    live out in the wood then I could find and track it.I am surprised no one
    has yet.

  23. workdaypegasus says:

    This is bigfoot guys, bigfoot in text!

  24. John Stots says:

    Disbelievers have no right to comment on Bigfoot videos. We have a vast
    amount of proof that it exists and anyone who says otherwise is clearly an

  25. bigbiscuit100 says:

    This is a photo of my mother in law. Everyone can calm down now.