Bigfoot sighting in East Texas near Lufkin

For several weeks I have heard strange noises in the woods. I’ve caught glimpses of a shadowy figure in the woods on my property, but didn’t think much of it. Today, one of my neighbors complained…
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10 Responses

  1. ChuckHydro says:

    Stay with it, for all we know you may be the one to break the illusion many
    have concerning Bigfoot. Good luck to from Bossier City and keep up the
    good work! Keep us posted on your progress, I’m subscribing for future

  2. cheryl shaw says:

    I believe you.

  3. Kari Celestine says:

    Cool, I believe you! I live in the Burke community, just above Diboll. When
    I was a child, I used to go help my step father set out, and check trot
    lines, in the Neches River. One evening we were out in his boat, putting
    out a line, and I saw a glimpse of a Sasquatch, in the thick brush on the
    river bank. For some reason, I sensed that something was watching me. That
    thing was dark, tall, and big. It moved back into the dense woods, before I
    could get a better look at it. I didn’t say anything about it, for many
    years. I just know them things are real. 

  4. Trey Williams says:

    I grew up in your area and had something approach me in my box blind while
    deer hunting. It was probably the most frightening moment of my entire
    life. It started me on a lifelong pursuit of whatever this thing was.
    There are a lot of folks who have seen them or their sign that don’t/won’t
    talk about it. I applaud you for your courage. 

  5. Rob Faircloth says:

    I must be blind because I didn’t see anything, then again my glasses are
    not the greatest lol. I have family all over Lufkin and my father was from

  6. James Allen says:

    Set up a team I’m down to poke around the woods day or night as long as I
    got someone watching my back also!!! Hell yea lol 

  7. PlanetSasquatch says:

    If you seen them once you will see them again! Look for evidence like
    footprints or stick structures nearby.

  8. Matt Johnson says:

    I believe you.

  9. Danny Duplechian says:

    With the amount of poachers in east texas, there’s no way Bigfoot would be
    alive, lol

  10. saltytrey says:

    Great video of nothing. He could have done this video in the living room.