Bigfoot Sighting: Buffalo, MN

My brother and I were out in the woods because we heard some calls and we went to check it out and it ended up being our first bigfoot sighting. It was really windy out so there is some sound issues but most of the calls are good. This took place on February 29, 2012. Please comment if you had any bigfoot sightings because we would love to hear about it or if you have any tips on how we could get more activity. Please subscribe because we will have more videos up shortly.
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A group of high school students may have come close to Bigfoot during a class project in the Idaho wilderness. A dark, mysterious creature was caught on tape for a few seconds near Mink Creek before it retreated into the treeline. “It just didn’t look human-like. I don’t know what that is, it’s not a bear, it’s not a moose or anything. It was big and bulky and black,” said the student who captured the video. The students climbed to where they saw the potential Sasquatch and photographed the large footprints it left in the dirt. “I’m not going to say yes it was a Bigfoot or no it wasn’t, because I don’t know., and nobody knows,” the student told the news station. The Animal Planet show “Finding Bigfoot” plans to visit Pocatello, Idaho in June to investigate claims that Bigfoot could be in the area.
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53 Responses

  1. Jeanie Roudebush says:

    There have actually been sightings of Bigfoot.
    Hey SC fans, how bout you guys win a national championship already. What about Matt Trashnart?
    Wait, if USC is so good then why have they not won any national championships in the past years?

    How about they quit choking to Oregon State and Stanford?

  2. Lola Lockwood says:

    Since 1980, there have been 2944 bigfoot sightings in the United States. Over half of these sightings were reported by credible witnesses ie: police, military personnel, medical professionals, etc. By credible I mean those individuals our society says are reasoned and are trained observers.

    Is it up to those believers to prove what they claim


    is it up to unbelievers to prove that those claims are wrong?

    This question can be applied to the existence of god as well.

    Does believing bigfoot exists less credible than believing a god exists? Both require faith because there is no evidence to support the existence of either.

  3. Harriett Legler says:

    i would like to take a picture with Bigfoot and want to know where i might be able to find the big fella?

  4. Lola Lockwood says:

    I even thought I saw Bigfoot a few times roaming the back garden and walking to a helicopter to go on another vacation.

    Is the Bigfoot observers onto this?

  5. Heidi Cabrera says:

    I think people keep mistaking him for sasquatch.

  6. Patty Guest says:

    What are the top bigfoot sightings?

  7. Carrie Major says:

    He comes by to mow the lawn during the summer.

  8. 1After100 says:

    Can we get the original footage on here? Hey, kid with the camera. Post the footage on youtube. I can’t make out anything.

  9. EnderAltair says:

    I don’t think bears look human like either..

  10. wacky295 says:


  11. quingermanfrog says:

    Bigfoot probably has keen sense of smell which would explain why bigfoot smells bad “according to sightings”. I believe that, much like how dogs roll their body in fecal matter, Bigfoot rolls in fecal matter. He can smell humans and our soap.

  12. bigdjackdaniels says:

    A video of a video of a video, Cant make out nothing. Show it in its original form and maybe you might not be ashamed to show your face.

  13. shawnlaurin says:


  14. TylerJameelHolland says:


  15. dylon300 says:

    lol i da ho

  16. bobo754 says:

    “It was big and bulky and black”

  17. Tom Lonergan says:

    so some kid filmed a big dark blob and has no idea what it was? slow news day?

  18. William Christopher says:

    they saw one… cool

  19. mpaska1980 says:

    has there ever been a video that is clear? apparently when you video a bigfoot it automatically turns your camera into a blurry piece of shit!

  20. Daniel L. Phillips says:

    Well lets wait till sometime next decade to get someone out there.. Incredible.. An we fought a war against the British? We’re slower then Molasses.. Daniel

  21. runlarryrun77 says:

    The Patterson film from the 60’s is pretty clear + many anatomists have said that if its a guy in a suit then they don’t know how it was done, particularly as there were no special effects that could fake something like that to such a convincing degree back then, nor are there now for that matter.

  22. dynastoned says:

    this sounds like a hoax setup by a science class teacher or something

  23. 4hogwilder says:

    Michael Jordan, you silly bitch.

  24. FSEVENMAN says:

    Love the media… Hey um I dont want you to show my face….. Oh, kay we will film you midsection. Ass holes. I would rather look at a tree then a random midsection…

  25. ElectraStorm03 says:

    um why is it always that everytime someone sees a sighting of something like bigfoot the picture/video always has to be blurry!!! D:|

  26. 5tonyvvvv says:

    Funny how the haters were challenging Bob Heironimus to take a polygraph test and now that he has passed two of them the haters are now saying the tests were faked.

  27. rabbittraps says:

    comedian mitch hedberg said ”i think bigfoot IS blurry. that’s the problem”.

  28. mpaska1980 says:

    Yeah man I think Mitch was on to something… Any man that is hard core enough like Mitch to go tea skiing certainly knows his way around the sasquatch!

  29. rabbittraps says:

    …tea skiing?

  30. Godless18 says:

    yeah, mitch was gonna get a bunch of tea bags and throw them into a lake, then come back a few days later and go tea skiing

  31. rabbittraps says:

    : ) ….what a lunatic.

  32. Godless18 says:

    he was a visionary lol

  33. ericou812 says:

    did you lose your shovel in the woods?

  34. krissy24241 says:

    keep it up, awesome you are getting some responses back!

  35. LocustWarrior says:

    Why does he have a british accent…ur in MN

  36. ivywillow1221 says:

    i was looking at the comments while the video was still playing so when u ley out a call i jumped :)

  37. Axtlar says:

    I’m a Latino. Just because I’m in India visiting a friend I’m suddenly supposed to have an Indian accent?

  38. rangerroam1 says:

    Pretty good video. I liked it when bigfoot screams back.

  39. fearfire100 says:

    awesome British accent on the kid lol

  40. intelite says:

    Well it seems you guys could have covered a lot more distance to get to the source of the sound. But it’s like request feedback, 30 feet, request feedback, 30 feet.

  41. DjWellDressedMan says:

    Brave kid and a Pats fan!

  42. robotboy111523 says:

    We did originally but we just needed to keep the video short.

  43. Brazil2044 says:

    wow what ever it was responded great vid

  44. Brazil2044 says:

    do more vids like this plz there fun to wach

  45. ALLIDOISWIN1329 says:

    I live in mn but in waconia

  46. Applefan4232 says:

    It isn’t bothering us in anyway. Why should we bother it? But I also understand that it is part of the human mind to be curious, naturally. Thats how we are. We’re meant to explore lives in some ways and figure out what things like this are. Thats where we get our curiosity for life on other planets.

  47. shockeriscool777 says:

    Calls like that don’t do much… Make noises like the tree noises but with a thicker stick and tree. Better results will come your way. When you get the same exact response like a call or knock… Your being fooled

  48. CiaDoggy says:

    Are u from England? and did u move to America or stay in england? Because your brother sound like british accent.

  49. swawa frustereo says:

    someone is in the wood probably doing it

  50. kiragrandad says:

    Really lame

  51. 125saito says:

    The winters are long here in Mn. The mind can wander a bit before spring.

  52. MsVanorak says:

    Great film making, mastered the art of suspense!