Bigfoot hunted by helicopter

My husband and I took our kids target shooting. A helicopter was over our heads the entire time annoying us. We thought at first they were curious of why and…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Amazing footage. Bigfoot caught on tape. Amazing footage!
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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50 Responses

  1. egor olefirenko says:

    Awesome бля! 

  2. NaIzNaNkU100 says:

    на что я трачу свою жизнь

  3. MasterChief6798 says:

    You Suck !

  4. the walking dead Forever says:

    What The fuck is this?

  5. Airickk2021 says:

    Very well done. It has been a while since I have seen anything that made me

  6. Humblenton says:

    hahahahahahahaaha TROLL

  7. Blake Prim says:

    I’d say medium foot at the most…

  8. Grandpa Chew says:


  9. Ugolok Hasili56 says:


  10. TheConquerPVP says:

    Niggas be like…………0_o

  11. Jstewify says:

    Consciousness is the baseline for all phenomena. As soon as this is
    realized, we may meat this entity. He will not die on our dirt. There will
    be no bones. Consciousness- The answers to manifest all phenomena into our
    physical ‘reality.’ The veils between worlds are thinning. It’s not that
    people are ‘just crazy.’ But, it’s not that things are as they seem either.

  12. Jeana13 says:

    How is that Bigfoot?

  13. Daniel Jimenez Francisco says:

    Fuc k that

  14. VIKA. let's play says:

    Ахаххаахах,сука убило XD

  15. Zack Synex says:

    The people who are saying the video is based on the title so why to Many
    dislikes they should shut up and look at the thumbnail of the video it even
    includes nature. So you people saying the title is based on the video you
    are all stupid

  16. Slender Scout says:

    i hope it doesn’t get taken down by the government. proof bigfoot is real
    right here!!!

  17. robinbowmaker says:

    THIS should finally silence the skeptics.

  18. 2314asfadsf23 says:

    This is why we don’t litter! That poor bigfoot…. Stuck in tape like
    that…. lol

  19. Indal says:

    Amazing footage!

  20. Mister Rifleman says:

    Современное искусство никого не щадит.
    Contemporary art does not spare anyone.(Google Translate).

  21. Ghoul105 says:

    I wanna lick that foot

  22. Angel Quizon says:

    Why so many dislikes? It fits with the title lol! Disappointed? XD 

  23. MaddieTV says:

    Lol amazing FOOT-AGE

  24. TheCaledioScope says:

    Why so many dislikes? The title isn’t lying it is indeed a big foot caught
    on tape. :P

  25. says:

    LOL! dam you autistic people! 

  26. Uouttooo says:

    This is more likely a fugitive running and hiding from a police helicopter.

  27. Mabrucify says:

    at .41 it gets on all 4s, and walks a tad, but a bear cant walk that fast
    or far on two legs. I am a bigfoot supporter and I don’t know what to say.

  28. solexhn says:

    no, but really, this video is obviously fake because bigfoot doesn’t exist

  29. Aethendir says:

    fake because the guy moved as soon as she said “wow” , he was standing at
    the same spot all the time

  30. gregvader says:

    @gladkaka Could be. It’s hard to really say, without having the other
    person in the frame constantly. His head looks like it’s pointed toward the
    figure, rather than other parts where he is directly talking to the other
    guy and his head points a little more to the right. Hard to tell. Other
    than that, nothing else really sets off an alarm.

  31. YourUncleScroatie says:

    Ahhh.the dysfunctional family…kid misses twice with the rifle,instead of
    helping him learn to shoot,daddy hands him the shotgun…while mommy heaps
    on the phony encouragement…poor kid…OR…it’s a fake…lol

  32. TheJessDoer says:

    It is kind of an interesting video, I suppose. The “thing” in question
    stands behind a tree watching them for the majority of the video and then
    runs when they make the third attempt to fire. He seems to trip or slip or
    something and then around 0:45 you can actually see him on all fours
    watching them from the hill just behind their heads. You can watch him
    almost the whole time. His gait suggests more human than anything, and this
    is not proper habitat for bigfoot, too open. Nice vid though

  33. MadCowGoMoo says:

    After its run by you can clearly see it standing still just out of frame a
    few seconds later. Hmmm In not sure bout this

  34. 2shiningstarz says:


  35. SRTtoZ says:

    lol bigfoot my ass.

  36. SuperElq says:

    My Bigfoot is bigger

  37. JKnaak4295 says:

    Great footage! It is interesting how quickly the figure moves. A lot of
    times in different bigfoot sightings, you hear about how they move so
    quickly that it only takes a few steps before they are gone. It is very
    compelling footage, but I don’t know if there is any definitive proof that
    is captured here.

  38. ReXDrake says:

    no reason this couldnt be a human in dark clothing, one of the men looks in
    the direction of the individual twice as well

  39. D. Hernandez says:

    If you look really closely as to where the “figure” took off from, just to
    the left a little bit looks like there is another figure with a large tree
    in front of it. I watched this more than a couple of times and it looks
    almost as if there is more than one.

  40. Zac Oue says:

    The “Bigfoot” is clearly running like a human, and before we lose sight of
    it, it stumbles and falls

  41. Mark Van Kempen says:

    i saw
    him on the hill 

  42. donnay killi says:

    All those haters honestly after watching the video a number of times no
    human can be that tall to see from at least that far away and there going
    to got through all of that trouble to get a helicopter and guns and alot of
    people in the middle of no where to do that. and the thing what ever it was
    did run like a human because monkeys and apes are related to humans in a
    different form and ergo big foot is part ape

  43. DJ Point™ says:

    did you guys seen bigfoot running on 0:38

  44. Emotion View says:

    consider bigfoot as an animal would an animal stay away from loud gun
    shots? Also u can’t say it’d bf as its only a figure, u could say jesus or
    olly murs.

  45. pako burns says:

    I don’t know, but if you look at his stride starting at .39 at regular
    speed that guy in a “monkey suit” is moving fast unhuman like to me.
    Doesn’t appear to be very tall even at the camera’s point of view/angle? I
    don’t know. I think it’s real. Why would a helicopter and crew be wasting
    their time and effort tracking this guy in a “monkey suit” if you will?
    Apparently, they think it’s bigfoot/sasquatch from their pointview,
    otherwise they wouldn’t follow pursuit? Imagine if you’re a crew member in
    the helicopter and you see this dark massive guy running, jumping on
    terrain like that with that speed…mmmmm…Stride looks very long to me…

  46. James Maxwell says:

    It s HOAX..!!! Look closely at the big guy behind the little boy with a
    rifle shooting at the bottle, he looks directly toward the field,
    obviously can see the bigfoot running across to the bushes from the tree.
    He ought to noticed and alerted everyone to spotted at it. Seemed that he
    did not alerted after tilted his head toward the field.. Good Act… I
    ain’t no FOOLED… 

  47. cole christianson says:

    Plus the monky was on the hill sitting 

  48. ELLA THE BEST says:

    mitä vitsii tuol juoksee ku toi ampuu nii sielt lumi paikasta juoksee joku
    mies tai nainen ?????

  49. Andy Crowley says:

    When I was chased by a helicopter, I ran and jumped just like that! My
    “cone shaped” hoodie was most certainly on my head.If not on purpose, most
    definitely after the landing lol. As for the gunshot blast…….who
    wouldn’t jump? Bigfoot?

  50. SlayerofFiction says:

    All I have to say is the guy moved extremely well with incredibly long
    strides which is difficult to do in that sort of terrain.
    Now you cna see the father look directly at it @ 40 so that lends some
    Is it a bigfoot? Unlikely, it is more likely that in the area at that time
    they were merely looking for a fugitive, which would explain the helicopter
    in the area. Or possibly just coincidence for their “Fake” shoot.
    the fact it runs at the shotgun and stops to look with her camera going off
    then also is a flag for me.
    Overall probably one of the better fakes made, but hte more I watch it the
    more I am convinced it is someone in dark clothes.