Bigfoot Hotspot Radio EP32 Creepy Encounters

Join Will Jevning, Wes Germer and Woody Pratt as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters and talk to Bigfoot eye witnesses. People are seeing somet…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses

  1. snake510ful says:

    Hey boner is wrong now playstation is big

  2. ShadowKrueger says:

    at 1:23:47 that dudes laugh is fucking priceless!!!! XX’DD

  3. Chuck Testa says:

    Tucker’s pearl jam voice is hilarious

  4. Maz0n88 says:

    Jimmy got pissed towards the end..

  5. mjseminoles2 says:

    the 12 year old kid at the end had the same area code as me wtf?!?!

  6. Abraham Lincoln says:

    What is what Jericho is wearing called? That hat?! I want one!!!!!

  7. Jack LetsGoSox says:

    willy tucker boner=will he tuck her boner?

  8. SaddamsSpirit says:

    so ps3 is best in your opinion,mine too but it doesnt make it best,just
    best in our opinins

  9. MasterBodyLanguage says:

    so and so wants tucker to talk about pokemon and that’s not going to happen

  10. R4inbow panda says:

    wow an actuall smart person gets bashed for saying it’s all matter of
    opinion who ever flagged him is a fucking dum ass

  11. jace crum says:

    no i do not belive

  12. Oscar Rutsy Roses says:


  13. HmmMmTHaTsCOoL says:

    I believe in bears not Bigfoot.

  14. Taelor Margera says:

    I have watched this about 6 times. my favourite one so far

  15. LeDrake James says:

    Hilarious hearing this conversation about the ps4 and xbone, it’s the exact
    opposite now

  16. Flux Origin5 says:

    And wow jeriicho is a dick

  17. zeabra cherry says:

    Fire in the sky jimmy

  18. Nick H says:

    vitaly best zombie prank ever

  19. TheDomenator444 says:

    1:05:48 lol

  20. JustAnotherStud says:

    BigFoot is in fucking oregon

  21. Aiming Dart says:


  22. Zane Charles says:

    Like this if a prank call brought you here. XD

  23. MrAttheMALL says:

    The tree makes a noise when it falls, just that no one hears it. 

  24. A Fanboy says:

    Like all the girls at my school have cuts on their arms and thighs and I
    tell them that they are just fucking stupid for doing that.

  25. Josh Kruger says:

    25:49 its called Chelsea smile

  26. Kilgore Trout says:

    The fact you guys don’t challenge anyone, like the first kid for instance,
    is the main reason I will NOT support you. Instead of constantly seeking to
    add credibility to every Bigfoot story, people genuinely interested in this
    subject should be actively vetting and then debunking those stories that
    are clearly bullshit. Will Jevning is one of the most pathetic
    “researchers” in any field I have ever heard of. It seems his entire
    existence on Earth is to help people with wild claims establish credibility
    no matter how blatantly false their claims are. Every single aspect of
    every single story fits some “pattern” that Will claims to have identified.
    People like him do thousands of times more damage to the subject than they
    do to help it. The single most important thing you can do to help this
    subject is to debunk the liars who only confuse the topic and make all the
    genuine people sound like assholes and lunatics. Thanks a lot, Will…

  27. Shawn Dempsey says:

    Squatches seem to be every where. Ive had my experiences living here in B.C.
    Canada. There are roads that I will not travel,.including highway of tears.

  28. m cowher says:

    I Have a similar feeling of windows…

  29. David Weirauch says:

    have any one heard the theory that these things are off spring of the

  30. Porche Misty says:

    Sasquatch are alive. They are from the demonic realm. You have power in the
    name of Jesus. Use it when your confronted by a Sasquatch. They will leave
    you alone. Tell them to leave in the name of Jesus and they will go. They
    have no choice. you do not have to fear them. 

  31. Recon Smith says:

    Same guy from ep 40 I put sample recordings from ep 40 and ep32 through a
    Voice analyser and they match. He pulled a good one on you guys 

  32. fabricator says:

    Michigan does not have a land border with Canada, they are all water
    borders, the southern border is on the St Marys river around Detroit and is
    the most populated part of the state.
    The northern water border is along the Sault ship canal also a population
    center, both of these ares are relatively narrow areas.
    For someone who grew up in MI he does not have a very good grasp of the
    geography of the state.
    I think this kid has been into bigfoot for so long he just needed a place
    to vent so he pulled some likely sounding tales, I wish he would have named
    the town.

  33. Joshua A. Ryan says:


  34. Keith smith says:

    What do you guys think of onterio sasquatch when these two blokes talk to a
    bigfoot who has told them his name afratitty and you hear but never see it
    call for mike one of the reserchers? It says marball, brother, and laughs

  35. Reverb Twang says:


  36. MrBlue says:

    Torn up camp guy sounded credible until he couldn’t say who interrogated
    him. At that point, the hosts should have at least asked him to give the
    reason. We can think of a few obvious ones, but I would have liked to have
    heard it from him in order to form a conclusion about his credibility.

  37. Kenneth Liang says:

    The kid in the beginning is lying like crazy.

  38. Jack Bagains says:

    i would like to speak to yall about encounters my family and myself have
    had please respond i need to get this off my chest and not be called insane
    or drunk i beg you please

  39. Franky Napkins says:

    They are real and will kill you and eat you.

  40. Maciek Lukowski says:

    Love the show! Thanks for a respectable forum to discuss these important
    matters.About Albert Ostman. His story did not waver with each time he told
    it, including all the details. He passed many lie detector tests. He kept
    the account to himself for 33 years and only came out with it after another
    person admitted to seeing a bigfoot in a local paper .He was interrogated
    by experts to see if he would slip up under pressure but he did not. All of
    his detailed descriptions were in tune with the descriptions of the
    creature on this show. Ostman was a stand-up guy. He had better things to
    do than to make up fairy-tales.

  41. diggs59 says:

    Damn the kid in the beginning is annoying as hell. So glad I downloaded the
    episode from Blog talk and was able to skip his ass. 

  42. Keith smith says:

    Love the show lads im from the uk living in ireland cant get enough of the
    real facts and storys instead of the dickheads on sky bigfoot hunters or
    montain monsters!!! Hahaha keep it up ill be up for the extra content when
    you sort it out good luck with that by the way boys you deserve it take it
    ezy look foward to many more encounters cheers

  43. dirkbonesteel says:

    Like the show a lot. Have heard every single one, hard to remember a worse
    liar then that kid in first half of the show.

  44. TheMass33 says:

    It’s pretty obvious that episode 40. Circling camp ground is the same kid
    that trolled you guys before. And I find it funny that on this episode #40
    you took out the ability to leave a message so I have to do it on this. You
    do know that on the Google play store they are apps that change your phone
    number to whatever number you want and you can even put a fake name on the
    caller ID. Compare this voice to the kid that was really slow and wouldn’t
    get off the phone with you guys and you will see in not lying. You guys
    maybe experts at Squatchin or whatever the world ya call it. But as far as
    not recognizing when being trolled. You Won the prize. I love your
    interviews but check this kid out. I noticed the comparison not only on the
    voice but also how this clown doesn’t want to get off the phone. This clown
    is a careful listener. Knows exactly what to say. Trying to convince you
    guys that he’s a father. This kid sounds like a bored little troll that
    just stays in the basement doing these hoax calls. Wake up Woody. This dude
    is a joke

  45. bob loblaw says:

    This first interview is driving me nuts. Sounds to me like a kid that
    thinks he’s an expert and made some stories up to get on the show. I could
    be wrong, but I’m not buying what he’s selling. 

  46. Reverb Twang says:

    This is my favorite ending song they use. I wish I knew who it was and the
    name of it .

  47. Yamishi Ikeda says:

    I had a dream the other night where I encountered a sasquatch in the woods,
    and a bunch of other woodland animals all gathered around. They started
    re-enacting the Gaston song from Beauty and the Beast, with heavy emphasis
    on the line “every last inch of me’s covered with hair”

  48. Theresa Feeney says:

    I want to see the video about the torn up camp area, where do I find it?
    Thanks for sharing love listening to these shows!

  49. Ric G. says:

    Any word on the folks that were camping there? Are they alive or dead?