Bigfoot Files S01 E01 The “Yeti” legend 720p HDTV

The only worthwhile Bigfoot Docu in a while. Enjoy.

Russia’s Killer Ape Men – Genetically Engineered Bigfoot Paranormal Documentary [FDC] Sea Monsters Paranormal Documentary documentary national geographic history channel full documentary …

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24 Responses

  1. TestTheAcid says:

    terrible documentary 

  2. transientdreams says:

    Better fast forward this crap because that British asshole is going blow
    smoke up your ass and tell you the ‘Yeti’ is actually a “bear”. Just more
    dis-info to keep you stupid and feeling safe. Check out David Paulides
    interviews here on YT and decide for yourself.

  3. Whalesnut says:

    Pathetic, these theory’s don’t explain the countless Yowie sightings in
    Australia and Bigfoot sightings in other countries without bears…

  4. Nicholas Thurn says:

    33:04 Can’t help feeling that, no, he didn’t really deserve it. 

  5. jozsefkacsa says:

    36:10 No a Bear on two hind feet Looks NOTHING like a Squatch.Until you see
    one in person you will never,even come close to imagine the feeling!!!

  6. RMC Entertainment says:

    So you could Mark it as being bear-ly a bigfoot?

    Btw, that “stuffed” Yeti scared the shit out of me. It really freaked me
    out. Mostly cause i watched it next to a black window in the dead of the
    night, making my vivid imagination see it standing outside of my window. I
    got no sleep xp Still an interesting documentary :)

  7. joediffy says:

    I do believe there are unknown animals on this planet but I don’t believe
    that an 8” tall 600 pound upright creature is walking around, crossing
    highways and wandering into campgrounds and nobody has taken a picture of
    one or hit one on the highway or no hunter has shot one. The odds of an
    animal that large never being caught on a game camera or just a cell phone
    camera is impossible! It would be the only animal in history to completely
    avoid humans, cameras or cars, it is just impossible.

  8. Black Gremlin says:


  9. Kyle D says:

    bollox peter, u couldn’t test that hair then, and u can’t now.
    But we cannnt have a hair that doesn’t fit, can we?

  10. Barry Milburn says:

    Why did he fly all the way west from Kathmandu to Montana? Did nobody tell
    him the shortcut across the Pacific?

  11. stratorarious says:

    There are no Sasquatch in Canada as we stop them at the border and send
    them back to the states. I believe the people behind this documentary would
    agree that our great banana republic Du Canada can sure deal with Bigfoot.
    We ask them for work visas and so far Bigfoot hasn’t been able to produce
    one yet. The Sasquatch that are already here are used in group sex parties
    and therefore weren’t able to participate in this wunferdul documentary.

  12. NuQuonDam says:

    The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists animals in
    categories from Least Concern, through to Vulnerable and Endangered, and
    finally Extinct, in what is called the IUCN Red List (go check it out!)

    However, there are two other categories on the list called Not-Evaluated
    and Data-Deficient. Among the mysterious animals listed in those
    categories, there are literary HUNDREDS of PRIMATES. Therefore, the idea in
    itself of an undiscovered primate is not hard to imagine at all. Because
    these animals are Not-Evaluated or Data-Deficient, and considering the
    unprecedented rate of extinction in our time, the unfortunate reality is
    that many of these species will disappear from the face of the Earth
    without having ever been known to us.

    Bigfoot; if he ever existed, might already be extinct…

  13. Len Brill says:

    37min 30sec . . . . . still looks like a bear print because it is a bear
    print. This is a film trying to discredit the Yeti. Buddhist monks do not
    lie. They have seen them. 

  14. Mike Wiley says:

    Interesting show with interesting conclusions but the coming attractions
    for the next episode seem even more interesting. If anyone has a link to
    S01 E02 (I didn’t see it in YT search or FPVMadness’s videos) please
    message it to me. It looks like it’s gonna be a funny one.

  15. Keith B says:

    This show just reminds me about how much i hate douchie english accents.
    Fucking twats.

  16. dapappacn says:

    Why the fuck didn’t he take a picture of the Tengmo? Fur? Fuck that!

  17. jack baker says:

    If the apes werw real whereas

  18. papl00papl00 says:

    I loved this series! Check out my parody of Episode 3. Dr Burtsev was
    interview gold.

  19. jim jackle says:

    Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, abominable snowman, Patagonia giants, Solomon
    Island giants are all the same thing. They’re ET genetically engineered
    slaves under the control of ET’s. I’ve been within ten feet of being killed
    by one of these creatures in SE Oklahoma. After we started hunting the
    creature with guns to exact some revenge, we were chased by a ufo one
    night. I’ve since read many accounts of people witnessing these creatures
    getting on and off of flying saucers and in the presence of grey aliens.
    They live in underground bases during the day and come out at night. The
    Solomon Island natives say that there’s an underground base on the Island
    and ufo’s fly out every night.

  20. Ryoga Hibiki says:

    Where’s part 2? Only 1 and 3 seem to be on Youtube.

  21. robert gibson says:

    The biggest piece of shit programme ever made on the squatch, none of it
    impartial, picks the evidence it wants to, the main presenter twat that he
    is treats the subject as an almost joke, if you want a good doc on bigfoot
    don’t watch this 

  22. red army says:

    turns out Sykes results are now questioned

    I guess when there is not a registered bigfoot strand it isn’t ever going
    to match anything

    That said 8-10ft ape people in Russia/North America wandering about
    undetected for centuries is impossible.
    A sick one/half dead etc… would have been found or wandered starving into
    a town at some point.
    At the very least it would have came across somebody with a cell
    phone/camera and wasn’t a box brownie carrying Parkinson sufferer

  23. MichaelCasanovaMusic says:

    Lol at all these butthurt believers in the comments section who are crying
    because the documentary didn’t confirm their preconceived biases. 

  24. BryanG says:

    Please don’t shoot at Bigfoot. They are living breathing brothers.