Bigfoot and the Military

Bigfoot and the Military.
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My father lived in the North Cascade Mt. for thirty years, and shared and respected the land. I am a city girl, a visitor, and I’ve also learned to respect t…

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38 Responses

  1. Mr5thWave says:

    This fascinating stuff Lori. I’m wondering if Molly’s smoking had anything
    to do with the perceived alarm growl. Seems like I see a lot of smoke
    leading up to that anyway. And if I were a smoker I’d probably have been
    smoking like a fiend too at that point! Lol.

  2. Mike Whirlingmerc says:

    Is that a face in the lower right hand corner near 19:34 right around the
    growl…. you only see two eyes and a nose and a cone head and some glints
    on the face… take a look

  3. Lori Simmons says:

    I know right! Iol

  4. Thom Cantrall says:

    The meaning is in the ear of the one hearing it. We all assess our own
    meanings depending on our experiences that brought us to this place. I do
    think she limited your ability to understand what was happening. To ME
    (underlined) it would have been a greeting… to others, a growl… and to
    others, a Scream into the night… Keep up the great work!!!! Can’t wait to
    do that again.. you are in a very SPECIAL place…

  5. Dawn Goff says:

    Hi Lori. I have enjoyed your videos. Have you ever wondered if they growl
    as they are resting during the moring and daytime. They are nocturnal
    hunters. I think I see a face at the bottom of that big tree! Scary
    knockings! This would make sense as they can disappear so fast and they can
    sleep underground with less worry. I look forward to your next video!

  6. Lori Simmons says:

    Thank You! It was VERY loud and Scary! Are you saying that was a Hello
    Growl for Bonnie? I was thinking maybe because of her fear she was holding
    me back……so maybe it didn’t like her…. IDK

  7. Thom Cantrall says:

    Lori…. some pretty spectacular stuff here!!! Remember what I said about
    them and fear? You had a demonstration of that at 19:44… that was not
    directed to you… but at Bonnie.. and it was effective… Had I heard it,
    I would have called it a greeting grunt and gone ahead… Good work here!

  8. Lori Simmons says:

    When we 1st pulled up and parked the car we did hear a Hello grown….My
    recorder was not set up yet, he’s never so active so soon…

  9. mrartwatcher says:

    are you?

  10. Mike Whirlingmerc says:

    also near 19:36… look at the creatures arms.. they seem to move
    slowly… in addition to the head moving up and down and the ear
    orientations changing… at 9:38 your take recorder edge is practically
    touching it in the line of sight and you can see the eye shine. The growl
    starts as you pass it suggesting the parent was not happy you were so near

  11. NeoDEVO says:

    Hi Lori – this video kind of freaked me out. I live in Skagit County and
    have heard that same kind of sound while I was working for the DNR several
    years ago. We were in the Twin Falls area (North Bend), and another time
    near Verlot / Mt. Pilchuck. It is a long story…never saw anything, just
    heard weird sounds and got a spooked “watched feeling” in broad daylight.
    Was it a stereotypical animal type “growl” or more of an almost “subsonic”
    or very low bubling/warble sound? wish I could ask more

  12. R Sanchez says:

    You would greatly benefit from having a seasoned professional production
    crew following you around.

  13. Lori Simmons says:

    That’s what I think…he knew she was scared and holding me back. This
    growl was VERY INTENSE! It was as if the mountain came to life and said GET
    OUT! I wish it picked it up better but the audio device was not plugged
    into the video :( But with out it, still picked it up nice and clear. I
    will continue to prove their existence and never go alone :) Thank You for
    watching my videos

  14. jacknsprat says:

    I don’t think your squatch liked your friend because he could sense her
    fear. It could be because she was making you nervous as well and trying to
    get you to leave. That growl was quite loud. I hope that doesn’t scare you
    from going back, but don’t go alone. Have you heard a growl like that

  15. Karla Nava says:

    Wow…have you ever heard it do that before? It didn’t sound exactly
    menacing from where I’m sitting – it sounded like a big cat purr or
    something. I gather from your reaction though that you thought it was too
    aggressive. How loud would you say it was, and did it sound like it was
    still coming from the tree? Thanks, Lori! Great work!

  16. Lori Simmons says:

    Thank You! Yes! Summer of 2010 with my brother Mike it was so LIVE only the
    growls that we heard than are considered to be welcoming
    growls….Yesterday it sounded like the forests said to get out!

  17. Lori Simmons says:

    Really! Thank You!

  18. rodslinger86 says:

    Sounds to me like it was just saying hello I’m here.

  19. par5sn2 says:

    Mrp,do you see something at the 2:47 mark?

  20. rodslinger86 says:

    It may be because there was two of you, I get more reactions when my wife
    goes in the field with me, and when her sister goes with us it gets really

  21. Mike Whirlingmerc says:

    Is that a face in the lower right hand corner near 19:34 right around the
    growl…. you only see two eyes and a nose and a cone head and some glints
    on the face… take a look low and in the lower right hand corner… looks
    like a face peeking and growls as you walk by.. perhaps a juvenile

  22. Mike Whirlingmerc says:

    Very interesting clip I asked FBFB what they thought and they would be
    interested if you might send a high res clip maybe 15 sec before and after
    the 19:38 section

  23. Mike Whirlingmerc says:

    Thank you for the interesting clips… note that the possible still
    standing figure here in 17:30 is not seen in the same place when you video
    it in the part 2 I think God made these reclusive animals that mostly stay
    out of our way and out of our sight for His own purpose and glory

  24. Lori Simmons says:

    Thank You Mike for taking the time to review my video! I’m not a camera
    teck and this is all that I have.

  25. Lori Simmons says:

    Thank You!

  26. Rayray Bushman says:


  27. Captain football says:

    I thought ICE T was pimping couple she foots in Vegas on strip

  28. Davis Hart says:

    look at this

  29. sarah younkman says:

    I really like this video I think it is real.

  30. don gilchrist says:

    wow, really enjoyed this upload,thanks,some stories i,ve not heard
    before,very informative.


  31. David Conlon says:

    I believe that there could be a ape like creather living out there

  32. James Baker says:

    great vid, good content, just keep you head low, last few i have been
    following just quit talking and then they are making vids of local flowers
    and crap.

  33. horsebetter7 says:

    Reading script too fast; slurring words.

  34. Joeu Norwood says:

    Good vid I know Bigfoot exists had an encounter in Giles cnty tenn with my

  35. joesphx19 says:

    So little is said of the military’s encounters with BigFoot is indicative
    of the minimal comments here. As was pointed out in the video, most of what
    we know of these encounters is through retirees, who at that point in their
    careers have no fear of reprisal from command. There is a wealth of
    knowledge out there, mostly with base security and the constant thermal
    scans that pick up these creatures traveling through at night. One of the
    few perimeter security details willing to discuss such activities can be
    found at the Marine base, 29 Palms. Its unique location and terrain make it
    a rich environment for thermal imaging sightings. Security staff have even
    witnessed what appears to be entire family units crossing the base in an
    almost migratory trek.
    Just this one aspect of research is so untouched that it deserves to be

  36. Eridu Sirius says:

    This is very difficult to listen to and follow. The narrator is reading way
    too fast, running everything together, and not using any inflection or
    pause. For subject matter this earth-shattering and fascinating, I would
    think it would be delivered with some sort of gusto or drama or emotion and
    with some inflection???..Shame, seems like decent content, too.

  37. istra70 says:

    Best video ever about Big Foot. This is exactly what is going on . We have
    constantly been lied to just about everything. The scientists (in any
    field) who should be doing research and look forward for new discoveries,
    are only protecting their own position and income (and dogma). ARROGANCE
    and IGNORANCE in science has no limit. Our whole world and that little we
    think we know is all LIE. Our kids are fed with it and so are we – deceit
    and lie. Need to wake up, open our eyes, start thinking for ourselves and
    connect the dots. This video is proof that picture is getting much clearer,
    just need more whistleblowers (the real heroes).

  38. yorkie elliot says:

    Quite interesting. But would have loved to have watched this with the
    narration slowed well down. I had to keep skipping back to catch what was
    been said!