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  1. Kathleen Frias says:

    I love to study about mythical creatures and it seems really expensive to go to a college to study more and I was wondering is there any way to become a cryptozoology withOUT going to college? THANK YOU!! (:

  2. Elyn Patchman says:

    I need to know for a project I’m doing. I also need to know if anyone knows where I can contact someone that’s a crytozoologist. So, if you know more specific fields of cryptozoology, please tell me. Thank you!

  3. Patsy Herring says:

    Such as, Anastasia Romanov and Virginia Dare. What are some other famous mysteries involving children/teens throughout history?

  4. Carrie Major says:

    I previously had other ideas about what I wanted to do after high school, but for some reason I’ve become completely obsessed with cryptozoology. Is their any education or training I need to get for it?…or is it even a real job? Any thing you can tell me will be great =) thx for the help.

  5. CTvettech says:

    yeah, well now i KNOW you dont know who i am. no prob tho. now your blocked. and being a vet tech at a mainly reptile zoo/tourist attraction really has nothing to do with rodents. (as theyre not reptiles or amphibians hehe)

  6. meleagrisfelis says:

    Central Tasmania huh? I happen to know someone in Tasmania – not a big place. This person works for a zoo. It’s not a big world. Which one are you at?

  7. rehwr says:

    Its a tribute to his dead mother.

  8. Taraalcar says:

    And now I’ve seen Teller’s ass. Thank you, youtube.

  9. ClownShoesExposed says:

    Sure Clown Shoes, have at it. Your name is Ethan Merriman. Gosh…we are blocked! Oh…. how I cringe. Again, if you think watching guinea pigs fuck and wiping their asses makes you a “reptile zoo/tourist attraction”…”vet tech”….LMFAO! Live your fantasy. Oh…and by the way Clown Shoes…what is the name of this “attraction” that you work at? fuckin’ Clown! All else, please email us to get the scoop on this tard.

  10. i7fan says:

    How do you know that?

    Not asked in a hostile way btw. Just cool to know. Thanks. 😉

  11. i7fan says:

    “And the great western uhm …whatever the fuck this is”.


  12. i7fan says:

    They DO find new species of animals fucking idiots! They were a couple of years ago in new guinea at an old overgrown crater where they found new spieces of animals. Mostly relatives to other animals but completely unknown. However, they are NORMAL ANIMALS! No glowing red eyes and no bigfoot. All done by REAL biologists.

  13. i7fan says:

    I just remembered me and my friend filling huge bags with helium and attaching lights to them and tied a string and let it fly up with its blinking lights. People passing thaugt it was really strange ans some even hinted on ufos. LOL! Im glad im one of the prankster who also think logically than being on the other moron side that believes all things they see (no matter how fuzzy the images are or how remotely idiotic it is),

  14. rehwr says:

    Just look up the interview he did on Hannity. He talks about it there.

  15. i7fan says:

    The ONLY reason why people keep saying bigfoot etc is real is because these people make money off of it. Just sad normal everyday people believe these scammers. They get money for crappy images and interviews – proof in this episode, and its no news either.

  16. i7fan says:

    Thanks bro

  17. aegisgfx says:

    The great western.. whatever the fuck this is.

  18. werriboy55 says:

    So which one Trowunna,Wing’s Wildlife, Bunnarong. Nearer to Devenport or Launceston? I’m in NSW right now, could pop down ans eyeball you and confirm what you say. You up for that?

  19. Glitchbound says:

    In louisiana we call bigfoot the rugaroo

  20. Jimmythebarbarian says:

    All the people they show on this show (besides the REAL scientists) are fucking retarded! I love it!

  21. Jimmythebarbarian says:

    She also needs a drink of water, which, she never asked for because she’s really polite…..and we’re ass holes.


  22. Miranda Winterbottom says:

    Excuse me. I just burped.

  23. Swiati says:

    Dude,u are stupid,there is planty species that hawe glowing red eyes in night,i guess u kid never hunt before.
    40 000 bigfoot sightings,some of them that came from police officers,there where sightings on highways,where planty of ppl saw bigfoot
    In 2003 we discovered Billi Ape,BIGGEST specie of Chimp ever,it was myth for 100 years until now,each year we disocver at least 1 primate specie
    We still hawe so much to explore on this planet,its ignorant to think we know all the stuff.

  24. i7fan says:

    40000 sightings? LOL! go crawl back under whatever stone you came out from. So if i tell you that i saw bigfoot in my garden today would you believe that too? Gullible moron. Congratulations though, you are one of many that have low IQ and believes anything people tell you.

    Now go out with your camera and catch bigfoot.

  25. THEearsOFdoom says:

    hahahaha i actually have used the same exact “asshole 1/ asshole a/ not less of an asshole” demonstration before seeing this.

  26. MrDale65 says:

    If you have yet to be born again, then you have yet to embrace truth. John 14:6:

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    Are you ready to know the truth? Would you like answers to all of life’s problems? Would you like to enter a life full of purpose and free of guilt and shame? Would you like to be ready to meet Jesus Christ in the clouds? Then today is your day of salvation.

  27. Xnerdz1 says:

    WTF? the video is cut at the end!

  28. TheBlarggle says:

    Cryptozoology…. Trolling the world before the internet.

  29. StanStickman says:

    I’m pretty sure you got the general idea of the episode.

  30. Neesharani says:

    Love cryptozoo stuff. TY for the vids!

  31. EpicTaco9901 says:

    Love the cryptozoology stuff kind of want to be a cryptozoologist

  32. Michael Florio says:

    great stuff

  33. goldenxpanda says:

    resident evil music :)

  34. killercroc5599 says:

    anybody get the feeling your being watched after seeing these kind of vids?

  35. Jellybo0o says:

    Thats some crpto clipto

  36. kentuckyfriedgrenade says:

    some really good pics (not like the usual BS on youtube) bu t some loked fake over all 9 òut of 10

  37. wickedqueenamanda says:

    Great video! It includes lot of things I haven’t seen or heard of :)

  38. Austin Powers says:

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked :)

  39. greatgallade says:

    It’s awkward for me I’m just staring at it like a new human

  40. Lola Lockwood says:

    I’m interested in becoming a zoologist, but don’t know what the qualifications are that I would need to get? Help please?

  41. Abbey Spencer says:

    I am a freshman at Tarleton State and I think I would like to become a zoologist. I want to work out of zoo and study animals. I want to travel the world to study animals in their natural habitat, and also work with them hands on. Is there a job like this? Also if so, can I major in wildlife management and then get my masters in zoology? Would I even need to get a masters?

  42. xYaYa14 says:

    Hitler shaking an aliens hand… Weird? O.o

  43. CrackTheFox says:

    I’m half reptilian so this is nothing new to me.

  44. Aaron Tarailey says:

    Good lord I had trouble watching this because the music made it disturbing didn’t think of turning off sound lol

  45. Austin Powers says:

    Oh, so please, send me your photo, so I can make one last video!

  46. Austin Powers says:

    Making these videos is like believing in God… can you prove it?

  47. Austin Powers says:

    I actually don’t give a damn about your beliefs, so it’s still an example.
    If there are pictures that are fake and you know it, and have any kind of proof (that makes sense), so please, tell me, and I’ll be happy to add some annotations about it.
    If you want to make something good, this the start I’m offering you, remember that you called me an “idiot” in your first comment, and you don’t even know about me, my life and what I’ve been through. So do something useful and stop trolling me.

  48. Austin Powers says:

    It’s still an example, dude, compared to the video, you just need to read again: “Making these videos is like believing in God… can you prove it?” Answer: I don’t have any proof about these pictures, and nobody have any proof about God’s existence, so it’s still no an example? Stop being ridiculous.

  49. Austin Powers says:

    Of course I don’t have any explanation at all, I’m giving it everything I know in small texts, and since the title CLEARLY says “mysteries”, where the hell am I lying? If I knew everything about it, it wouldn’t be a “mystery” anymore. So again, another problem about not reading.
    And last, come on dude, I’m not going to discuss with you, you must be on your 40s, needing all this attention, and I’m not the best person for you… spend more time with your dog and stop trolling me with nonsenses.

  50. kylemeister96 says:

    Wanker – you’re full of shit!

  51. Austin Powers says:


  52. pqvimana2 says:

    I’m watching this video under my bed!!! It’s awesome!!!

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