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hey all! i made this pretty much immediately after hearing today’s super mario 3d world episode – it, like, popped fully formed into my head, and i hunkered down for ~9 nearly continuous hours…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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31 Responses

  1. jayjofire says:

    Didnt that episode come out like, yesterday? How did you make it so fast?

  2. Sqwivig says:

    This story gets me good every time! Lmao X’D

  3. TheEggboyps says:

    this this is why im subing to you

  4. Jacob Fritts says:

    How could this happen?
    A cherish-able story?
    Nope. Just Sasquatch time.

  5. Condiment Refraction says:

    How can you not love Danny?

  6. Ender41948 says:

    It’s beautiful….. I cry everytime…… ;)

  7. Abici says:

    I watch this at least once a day.

    It’s pure fucking magic.

  8. Saagnik Sen Dasgupta says:

    I laughed so hard at this video

  9. NintendoFreak04 says:

    I saw the original video so many times, so the Sheik’s Theme in the
    backround caught me off guard and I was eventually paying attention to only

  10. SurrealKeenan says:

    liek if you cry every time

  11. juan manuel says:

    this is beautiful ;)

  12. Lunar Apocalypse says:

    I found a sasquach
    but he was never real
    it’s snowing on Mount Fuji

  13. Anne Dugan says:

    My ribcage hurts now XD

  14. Goatmon says:

    Wow, you pumped this out that fast?

    Nicely done!

    Getting into that creative mood and just cranking out a project like that
    always makes you feel like king of the world. 

  15. Bad Raptor says:

    Your style is so pretty! 

  16. jairom1242 says:

    Was sorta hoping Sasquatch would look like Mycaruba… :p

  17. Queen-BMVagabond says:

    I should really play this for my mom because he LOVES the Footprints poems
    and I just see her laughing so hard to this animation.

  18. AxeToday says:

    That payoff at the ending was SOOOOOOOO WORTH IT!
    I love that squatch!

  19. Daniel Tanoeihusada says:

    wow, the background is so beautiful

  20. Bailey Edwards says:

    I have seen this 20+ times, and have yet to stop laughing.

  21. Cone Zone says:

    I also made a Game Grumps animated and I would love any feedback at all, or
    any thoughts, I hope it’s okay to post a link on here. D:

  22. Sakura Akuma says:

    8 0 I can’t believe you’ve animated this so quickly! You even beat
    Tithinian, and that’s really saying something, cos he normally uploads 2 or
    3 animations a week that are usually from episodes uploaded a few days
    prior : )

  23. Beenut says:

    The backgrounds are unbelievably beautiful, please tell me the program
    used! <3

  24. Beriorn says:

    +1 for using the autofellatio-induced neckbrace as a low point in Dan’s

  25. zippity doodah says:

    Wtf is this? He’s walking around in the woods repeating himself over and
    over again and you’re not even see where he’s walking or what he’s seeing.
    Just this dumb fake picture of sasquatches. This guy must be stoned off his
    rocker. Whatta twit. 

  26. Sanity 135 says:

    they don’t know each other but he new them all, very convincing(sarcasm

  27. Chickie Babe says:

    I apologies for this statement…but You have far to smooth of a voice to
    keep me interested….no visuals and that smooth voice lost
    me……Zzzzzzzzzz (4:00min in)

  28. TNTcreeper 64 says:

    all it is is a photo

  29. Galwegan says:

    photoshopped . and just because you dont know what it was, does not mean
    you get to ascribe to be a bigfoot. you need to prove it was bigfoot, and
    not some known animal.

  30. Hubs Keeper says:

    look if this mope puts in dubbed. in pretend foot steps , over his own
    voice what can you hope for. failure

  31. Sasquatch Central II - Video Evidence says: